My 2 Cents About Social Media User

We all have an opinion, and these days we can share what we thought easily, remind you the numerous media outlet to share our thoughts. Not to mention the freedom to express ourselves. But, just like any other things that taken for granted, we usually did not think through about what we say. We tend to ignore the ethical behind our actions in social media. Maybe because of the anonymity of internet identity, just like when we drive a car, suddenly everyone turns into an ass.

I did some social media maintenance before, and I have to say, that is really not my cup of tea. I know some people that did social media maintenance for a living and they are just super patience. Or, maybe they just more social than me. As someone that not really social, I manage to know the theory from college, yet when it came to practice, I just don’t have the patience for it. Sometimes, the question they ask is just simply dumb, people tend to read less and just ask, and they expect to get an super instant answer in it. How do you expect people will reply on your message immediately when you post it in 23.59 PM, Genius? Not to mention the repeating question again and again and again and again.

That stuff is really drive me nuts!

Well, of course it is not all bad stuff. Sometimes we get quite a good laugh from it, but that stuff happens only once in a blue moon.

Most of the time only the same old complain about the same stuff, that already been answered. What is with people and googling up by themselves?

I am not saying we should not ask or be opinionated, but at least we do an earlier phase to reconsider the post. Can we be more considerate in posting stuff online. I know it will be up to others to choose whether to read the post or not, but let us help them by considering it ourselves first.


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