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Whatever should happen, will happen. Murphy’s Law

In my opinion, this movie is pretty much like gravity with some action in it. For the record, I am a communication graduate, with social major during high school. I am not the best person to talk about the physics and stuff. I know a bit, but it is only something I heard of. So, my first opinion before watching this movie was preparing this brain, that never get any science stuff since the first year of high school, to be able to think about something that out of my world.

During the movie, I admit I have some moment tempted to just fell asleep and woke up after it’s done. But, the Chinese gene kicked in, and make me stay awake so I don’t waste my time and money :P. My friends thought that the prolog was too long and boring, but I kinda love it, the background story about the family and stuff. That is something that I interested in. Because to be honest, I am not a fan of the science and the inter-galaxy stuff. Yes, the aurora is beautiful, but that is just my cup of tea to dissect it and learn about it.

Comparing this to gravity, for me is like comparing the Sean Connery’s Bond with Daniel Craig’s one. One is more sophisticated and sleek, while other is more rough and tough. One is not better than the other, instead they have their own sparks. Some love the Connery’s Bond, while others enjoy Craig’s, and I am fall into the first category. But, I think just like gravity, Interstellar will have a group that really loved it, some will hate it to the bone. While some is not getting the story and left in a confusion.

For me myself, as I said, I looked this movie from the other side, not the sci-fi thingy, but more from the script and stuff. I take off my hat for the scriptwriter and all those who preparing all the time to write the theory in Prof. Brand board. But I am sorry to say that I prefer Gravity better than this. This movie sure offer more to the audience, putting the family issues, and physics theory. But that is just not my cup of tea. Also, a little more Hathaway wouldn’t hurt would it. 😀

I gave this a 7/10.

If you are into all the sci-fi and stuff, go watch it. But, I would prefer another kind of tea. 😀


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