Hola Noviembre

Hi November,

it’s been a year since our previous meeting. I kinda love how we met only once a year, it makes our meeting more meaningful. Of course, meet all you siblings also a fun ride, but I love meeting you the most. Just like Saturday in one week, you are one last thing before it closes out the period. Some might love you  for thanksgiving, or black Friday, but my culture is not something that celebrate thanksgiving nevertheless a black Friday. So, those things was not something that makes me crazy about you.

As I said, just like a Saturday, you are the second to last from the list for the year. Everybody loves Saturday, I am sure a lot will love you also. Not only the Scorpios and several Sagitarian that born under you. I love you because I love you, I can not state a specific reason for it. Just like when we meet with new people and just feel the click with each other. There is no explanation required.

My favourite part about you is you always bring that clouds, for some, it might felt gloomy, but what I feel is just a chilling feeling. With all that clouds you bring such a relaxing feeling for me, it is just very soothing and comforting. It is like after a whole year doing whatever activity and exhausting one self, November mark the moment to relax, do a little chillaxing and get ready for the holiday season in December.

I might say, November is like the moment when we are driving and almost reach a traffic light, which we hit the brake slowly, before finally stopped. Just the moment when we slow down and regather ourself for the next trip we will going on.


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