The Hype of AADC

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta used to cope the attention of all Indonesian teenager at one time, and now, they did it again.

Previously they grab the moment of the rise of Indonesian local movie, today, twelve years later, they able to re-attract the attention of all the old school teenagers, on social media, whether it’s twitter, facebook, or path. They run the world! At first, I thought there will be a sequel for it. But apparently it is only an advertising for Line, one of so many instant messaging applications. I must admit, they did a great job doing this whole campaign. Not only it bring awe to the audience, it also bring question to those who work in digital field, ‘Which agency is Line hired for this campaign?’

Rumour has it that this one is produced in-house, which means there is no agency involved. If that so, I must say that they are really great in doing the research, not to mention the big budget involved, hiring 6 big names for a 10 minutes commercial is not cheap, for sure. Technical stuff aside, what I admire in the work is, how they able to grab the emotions of audience with using such a great movie for their advertisement.

Like any other successful campaign, of course there will be a less-positive comment regarding to this. Some might say the plot is off, some might say it doesn’t make senses, majority create joke out of it. Well, the jokes is actually pretty funny, if not overjoked. *Yes, I like to make my own term. This one is for a joke that been used too much* But the bottomline is, this advertisement work. I think it turns last Friday into a let’s-watch-aadc-mini movie-and-make-meme day. They able to create such a buzz for people online to ditch what they supposed to do and relax a bit, like how Friday should be going.

This campaign is a proof that we need more than technical stuff to build a successful campaign. We need to be playing with what people feel about something. The social media is not about numbers of like, or followers. It is called social media, for being social, for having the impact more in the heart instead of brain. To grab the quality feeling instead of the followers quantity.

For me, this is how we should do advertising.


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