two cents about meal schedule

I believe there are two groups of people in this world. The one that categorize what they eat according to time, and the one that just like me, no matter what time is it, If I want it I eat it.

Of course I still follow the terms breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper. But, I am not limiting what I eat during the time. I find it irrelevant to make toast only applicable for breakfast. I believe everyone have the right to choose what food they want to eat throughout the day. Waffle for dinner? Sure, Quiche for lunch? Please have it. People should not be limited to a certain type of food for a specific time of the day.

I believe why people put categories in it because it is more enjoyable to eat the meal in certain time in the day. Not because that is what they should having for a meal. That is why, I kinda hate McDonalds breakfast time. I should be able to get my McNuggets for breakfast, or a sausage McMuffin for afternoon snack.

A great food is the one that can be enjoyed throughout the day, that is why I find it useless to categorized some meal according to the hours they being served.

Every food should have equal opportunity to be served at any time of the day!


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