Ramble, Ramble

It is the usual monday. He woke up at six thirty, take a shower and get dressed. Commute an hour to get to the office with empty stomach, wishing that the traffic is not so bad, that couldn’t spare him a nice fifteen minutes to enjoy his usual porridge just at the side of the street. He took his coffee though, through a vacuum flask bottle to keep it bearable even after a long while.

The day itself was not the best day, but he’s been through a worse one. Just a usual weekly meeting, with so many deadlines approaches, that led to such a hectic office. He could barely felt the day gone through, because of the massive load of work he got. He spend his lunch hour in front of the computer, wishing to have a better facility that could boost the performance, while trying to eat the food that provided. The food of course is not a super gourmet fine dining type. More into a here-something-to-give-you-energy-so-you-don’t-starve kinda meal.

The clock already pointing at 6.30, and he still sat on the uncomfortable chair facing the computer just to save his last work for today. Just after he saved it, he turn the computer off. While waiting for it to shut down properly, his eyes scroll to the numerous post it, sticked to the side of the monitor. Ah, another tasks to do tomorrow. It’s like the post it never end. Just when he thought one is finished, here comes another three. When the computer finally turned off, he get up and pick up his bag, walking out the room, turn off all the electricity and locked the door.

Commuting to home also not a fun trip. Even though he stay late at the office, apparently another thousand individuals have the same mind, which led to a jammed street on a long way back home. Yet, he find that a nighttime traffic was more romantic than the morning one. With all the city lights turned on and the car is blinking from afar. Lights on darkness always leave such a memory for him.

Opening the front door after the commute sometimes doesn’t feel good. Simply because he live alone on such a spacious home. He felt lonely sometimes, which is why he always turn the music player on before he turn anything else in the house. To make the environment more lively. Or felt like it. After that fixing a simple diner for one, washing dishes and take a nice long bath. A beer after is some luxury he rarely enjoy. Mostly just a silent crawl into the bed and sleep the night away.

Just to wake up in the morning at six thirty, and live the same whole routine again.


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