Get Inspired!


Tell me one thing that inspire you the most!

I tell you mine.

What inspire me is something that fueled by passion. I think I did this kind of writing before, but you know what. Even one theme can have multiple point of view. I once wrote about how the likes of wanderbites and Edward Suhadi inspire me with the way they crafting their beautiful work with their eyes and cameras. Now I would like to tell you about how one can be inspired by the likes of a product.

Please tell me whether you agree or not with me.

For me personally I can be inspired with a facility that surrounding me. I can inspired just because I have new things new phone, new computer, new environment, and else. I don’t know why, but stuff like that motivate me to do something meaningfull not only linger around and watch youtube all day long while eating the scrumptious Nasi Campur. Maybe that is because of the effort I did until I got the equipment that led me to maximized the utility level of one thing.

I can also be inspired just because I felt something that just how I think it is. Let’s say I am a sucker for a NY theme place and stuff. I can be easily inspired when I sat on the nearest starbucks, with their New York likey environment. even though I might have to put my earphones on because of the silly teenagers talking with the power of surround sound stereo. But just the ambience can inspire me to do something that more productive than my usually activity.

What I can say is, I can get inspired when the environment is closer to what I felt an ideal space. To stay in such a New York-y kind a place, using a stuff of my dream, and surroundede by people that full with passion.


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