What the Future Holds

Have you ever intrigued to know what the future will be? No, not about the environment, all the flying cars, or affordable space ships. More about, how your life will be. What will you do? Will you do good, will you survived or will you left out alone and be a cat-person. I think in my age right now, in the mid 20’s I should start thinking about what I will be, how my future will work out. Especially when a lot of my friends already preparing to their next step, I am still here a step or two behind them. When I see my friends already built the foundation to their future, I am still on the very base of my foundation, still figuring out what will I build this into.

Some people could not resist the mystery and decided to find out how will they future be, by asking to everybody. From clairvoyant,tarot and palm reader, and so on. It looks like everyone really want to know what they will experienced. While some enjoy the surprise coming in their life.


I prefer not to know what will happen. Well, other than I scared to know what will happen, I also feel that life will be more fun if I just let the universe do what they need to do and enjoy along the way. I am not saying that is easy to do. There are also moment where I felt life is sucks, like I don’t want to live anymore, yet I am not even reach quarter century. But, by learning it the hard way, it left a way deeper impressions. It makes me more grateful in what life bring me. I am not against those who want to know what their future holds. I just prefer to have my own imagination of what my future will be instead having someone telling me about it. don’t they say you are what you think? If you heard what people say how your future turns out, don’t it will be the thing that in your mind? It is fine if it is a good thing, what if it is a bad thing and you kept thinking about it, and turn you into a skeptical force?

That is why I prefer to let my own imagination take charge of it. Like an old song verse,

‘If I fail If I succeed, at least I life as I believe!’


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