PC or Laptop

Are you a PC person, or more a laptop person?

If you ask me, I would answer laptop! For sure.

I am easily bored person, if you make me sit in a PC for a while, it will turn me crazy! I will not be able to think clearly. I just kinda hate to stuck into one place for a while. I prefer laptop simply because, if I bored, I can just take it with me and go wherever I want. For me laptop is a symbol of freedom. It tell that you don’t have to be bounded into a certain place to create things, but to get yourself going and travel and be inspired through the world.

To be said, of course each things has their own advantages. Meanwhile laptop with all the mobility still have limitation that only PC can do. Somethings is just better in a bigger screen, and a powerful machinery. With a PC you can get things that you won’t got in a laptop. But for me personally, my hobby or job is not something that need a big piece of machinery. My kind of job is to be freed and see things to get inspired by things, and hopefully can inspire back.

And that is why I pick a laptop instead.


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