What to Look in the Workplace

Hey guys, How are you guys doing? As you know, I am no longer unemployed. I’ve been hired as a Marketing Executive to help the office marketing division in the digital world, as well as the common marketing practices. It only almost my second month here, yet I think I have so many story to share. First, I am working under a Chief Marketing Officer who is a Singaporean. This is my first time working under an expat. My previous boss might be a US graduate, but still he is Indonesian, there are still something in common culturally speaking. No, it is not about which one better, every bosses has their own pros and cons. The interesting thing is how the work culture is so much different working for an expat.

As you know also, I sometimes had trouble settling in, I have to adjust for quite a while in a new place. Especially if it is a long term stay. I have my doubts and I talked to my boss, and he can break down all the things that might be a concern for the issue. Well, personally I never want to be a kangaroo jumping out a jobs like a foodie switching restaurants. I try to stay for some time, but I will go if I don’t feel the click between me and the company.

The talk I am having with the boss actually kinda opening my eyes to see what am I looking for in a workplace. I can spread them into several points which are:

1. The Mentoring: This is more to the boss you working with, is they can help you grow as a person? How is they mentoring people especially for a fresh grad until the fresh grad can bloom into a great manager.

2. The Crowd: I am a believer that you have to get the chemistry between colleagues. If the crowd is fun, it will be such a great workplace. It will boost your spirit to come in, if you hate the job, at least you can hang out with the people that have the same frequencies as yourself.

3. The Compensation: Let’s not be a hypocrite, we all love when we got a nice payroll in the end of the month(or middle in my cases). If the pay is good, and your main goal is saving money, than grab a hold and stay for quite some time.

4. The Culture: I think this point related to point no.2, but is more broad. If the people can be those in your division, the culture is involving cross department dynamics. How every department works together to create such a great mechanism to run the company like a great-oiled machine.

5. The Environment: Believe it or not, working in the right environment can be a great booster to your productivity. Vice Versa

6. The Essentials: Things like a proper equipment and a great access with less bureaucracy is the ideal one. Not to mention the willingness to adapting to a new system and new technology. This kinda things that sometimes are missed out by an old company that staying in the comfort zone already.

I believe there are still many aspect that people looking for in their own workplace. To find a great place that providing all the aspects also almost impossible, but just like every decision that human has to make. We will have some preferences, and will prioritize some things over another according to our own personal goal. For people in an early stage like myself, I prefer to prioritize on mentoring, crowd, and culture. I believe that we can grow into a great personnel because of the effect of our environment. I am lucky enough to live in a household that financially fine, so I still have time to build up a career and not to think too much in paying the bills. Of course it is nice to have some contribution to the home, but that is not my full responsibility yet.

After all I might say a thousand things, but right now I am also still struggling in setting up my own priorities, even for my long term goals. I hope this piece can be a reminder for me, to be able to find a way to suit myself in the new place or to help people that are looking for their first job, so they can have less confusion than me.


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