The New iPhone


It has been announced that Apple will release bigger iPhone. Not one, but two! And as usual, the WWDC was one of the important event in tech industry. It attarct a lot of responses from many tech-enthusiast. Some love it, some just doesn’t want to admit it.


Well, I am not claiming as a fan boy, but I do love apple products. For me, they not only a tech company, they built a lifestyle, a community. They have the crazy ideas endorsed by cool marketing campaign. It is a whole package.

Recently I see a lot of meme regarding the iPhone launching event. They compared it to the Nexus 4. Yes, not Nexus 5 but Nexus 4. They said that iPhone 6 has the same spec with the Nexus 4. Well, if that’s true than Apple just prove themselves to be the greater marketer.

I also saw someone posted, sometimes timing is one important aspect in product launch. I learnt it in the class room and i experience it now. All those STEEPLE, SWOT days are paying back.

As for me, I am actually a little disappointed with the new size. It is too big for my taste. I find it hard to use a 5” phone/phablet to make a phone call. I find the current size is the perfect size for a phone. it is accessible via one hand, and have nice length. Not to mention the design. The current one is to Android-y looking.

The thing for Apple is, the compactness of their product. it is so simple and easy to use. Plus they marketing campaign. It is a dream to work with the Cupertino Marketing team and learn from one of the greatest.


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