Quick Getaway

I always thought that I am such a metropolis person, I am not too fond on mountains or beaches. Yet, it is nice to have a little laid back getaway. Get away from daily routine and spend some times doing stuff you won’t do normally. It get even nicer when you have your best buddies with you.

I take Monday off, and run to Bali from Saturday with my college mate. It is something I’ve been waiting for, since this is the first vacation after a very long time. Even though this is not a full team holiday, we still manage to have some fun together. After living our own life, it is fun to catching up with each other and have a great chat. Telling stories about how life goes for each of us. Even though we come from a complete different background, we still find something in common, we use the differences to enrich each other. This is the group that I know, they will have my back, like I have theirs.

This is such a great way to relax our mind and recharge ourselves.


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