Will You Give Up the Food?

I am a food oriented person. Everywhere I go, the only thing in my mind always, what will the food be? And by that, I always feel that Indonesia will always be the home for the great food. Maybe it is biased, but I have the argument for it. I don’t know where on earth you can get a somay or bakwan or bakso on the afternoon just by sitting on your front yard. Where you can get a murtabak delivered to your home, at 10 PM? Not to mention the chicken porridge or the rice cake for breakfast, even a full rice meal/noodle at every time in the day.

Oh, I think I need to grab a meal after writing this.

Today, I share a picture of murtabak, both the savoury and the sweet one, on my Path. An Indonesian friend from down under left a comment saying she want to unshare me because it is so tempting, and she’s been craving for it. Well, that things also happened to me back when I was still in Taiwan. I was longing to eat a great meatballs soup with that red chilli and kerupuk! also a scrumptious Padangnesse food. That lump of rice with a green chilli and curry chicken, wrapped in the banana leaves covered wrap paper. I am drooling as I write this.

Also, I always have a dream to live abroad. I want to go out from Indonesia and live abroad. It might be Singapore, Hong Kong, but my goal will always be New York.

Saw my friend post, it take me thinking, do I can give up all those scrumptious food, and live abroad. Yes, it might be so shallow, but I do think that thing is something major to put in the consideration. How one can live well if one can’t feed oneself well?

For me personally, when I move, I think I have a big picture about how the culinary scene out there. It make me less worried about what to eat. What if I suddenly crave about some authentic Indonesian food? Well, I can always find an Indonesian store out there, or just cook it myself. I know it might not be the same as the one here in Indonesia. But I moved also because I don’t want to stay at the same place. I can try recreate the dish I want, or simply just stuffed my mouth with other food. Worst thing scenario, I always can buy a ticket plane home and stay for a while, can’t I?

Well, that is me. How about you guys?


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