The Evolution of Teenager

Phew, it is been a while since my high school years, it almost 7 years ago. Yeah, it might not be that long but the way the teenager act today make me feel like it was like a hundred years ago. It is fun yet shocking to see how different our world is. Well, to be fair 5 years ago the facility is not as great as today. There are limited technology and shopping mall, car was not as cheap as today. I remember I used to ride a motorbike in my high school day. Some might drive their family car, only some lucky kids have their own car. Today even my cousins has her own car, and she not even 17 YO, geez. What a world. I am actually lucky enough, but that was not before college. It is also because I am not allowed to ride a bike to campus. I used to ride a bus for a year and half before I drove. Now kids are driving to schools are pretty common. 

Back in my day, for us to go to a nearby mall was a big event. We have to plan it a week or two ahead, and because of the lack of cellphone, we commit to come in a specific time and place. So, when there are some people late, you can imagine how painful it is, with no way to contact them. We just wait for them to come. Eating out also a problem, since it was a really big group of people, we need to find a place with a large seat and cheap food. Restaurants or bistro, clearly not an option. Pizza Hut is only when it is somebody birthday and they want to treat us. The option left was food court, we tend to block a row only for us to seat for a long time, with the cheapest menu to order. Now, going to a mall is like a super common things. Planned for only an hour before the meeting time, and they just tell the meeting point as they on their way. 

Do a study group also something I experienced. Before we gather at one person home to do the homework or the current group assignment. Today, they pretty much just met up on the mall bring their own laptop, and did the work there. Of course, with an occasional selfie to take, or taking consistently selfie while their groupmate do the work. 

Well, I don’t blame them. Times change anyway. We won’t stuck on the same era forever. I also sure that the older generation felt my generation was too much compared to theirs. I also sure the current generation will felt the same way to the younger ones. What I wrote might not be applicable to everybody, After all what I wrote is only my own opinion comparing the kids I saw in the mall with the way me and my friends hang out back then. 

And I just need something to write about. 



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