The Purpose of Company Website

When I open a website, the first intention is to know more about the company. To see what they do, how they did it, what are they currently offer, and a brief history about the company. Maybe it is just me, but I have some sort of things with people success story. I can’t say it motivate me, but I am sure inspired by it.

I’ve been joining a new company last week, and they put me in charge of the new website they building. It is actually a challenging project, it put me to go see others website in the name of researching. During this time I saw such a varied website, even from the same business model. Sometimes they create a different website for different purposes. Let’s say website A1 is about the company, and website A2 is about delivery thingy. It got me thinking about their purposes in making a website.

Maybe some of them create their website for a information centre about their company as a whole, such as their business, philosophy, history, menu, etc. But purposely create another website that completely intended for a specific services. Some might just create a website about the business and completely for selling. And that is fine, it is all go back to what your intention of building a website in the beginning. For a small business, they might want to push more selling, while the bigger one might want to create a brand instead.

What I can say is, no matter what the objective behind it, a good website should consist of the business they did, a contact page, some brief history as well the philosophy. Because what I experienced was, in general they just kinda make sure at least we have the website and not give a proper attention to it. In my opinion, it could be backfiring to the company, it showing that the company is not really understand what they did, and just bluntly following others. If you do not ready yet for it, well just delay it until you feel you are really holding onto the concept in the beginning, or you might leave the customer confused by a poor built website, and might costing you a customer.


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