Three Bunz

In order to find a great burger around Jakarta, I accept my friend invitation to go try this burger joint in Senopati area. I saw some preview before, and many of them said it is not really good. Most of the time, I wouldn’t bother to go to a place with bad review. But, since I am craving for a burger, and my friend is the one who drove all the way there, I am good. At a glance, it looked very outdoor-y and kinda hot. This is Jakarta, not a really great place to have an outdoor area, especially for me who sweat easily. But, it turn out to be just as nice as a shopping mall would be. It has a proper air conditioning system in a sun bathed environment. The store layout itself is pretty neat, with some sort of stage-y kind a place. which make the people upstairs could see the menu they having downstairs, and the people downstairs could have quite a view of people’s feet and else. I am not taking pictures, since there are some people sitting on the upper area, and I don’t want them to be annoyed by strangers taking picture, though the one I want to take is the venue, not the people there, but it is better safe than sorry, no? Not so long after we seated the menu came. It used to be some sort of a self service, but they replace the system with a conventional one.

IMG_3429 IMG_3430


After quite a consideration, for both the food and the price, I placed my order. A Burning Man Burger and a Bare Root Cola. I requested medium for the patty, and medium is what I get, so it is nice. We also order a side of Naughty Fries for share.



A 200 gr beef patty, with a mustard, cheese, jalapeno spices, and so on, and so on. I think the bun is a poppy seed bun. To be honest, I kinda liked the bun. It doesn’t turn soggy and not chewy either. While the meat is tasted okay, with all the sauce and cheese. But, it is not as spicy as I thought. So, that can be a little disappointment. Oh, and it come with a decent size!


This Naughty Fries, turns out not to be that naughty. It is not the frozen shoestring from your grocery store, which is good. But, they did burnt a little bit of the fries so it turn some of it crunchy like a crackers, and left some other puff-y like it should be. The sauce was good, not great. with a sprinkle of chopped green onions and fried shallots on top, again it doesn’t a fries to die for.


For the drinks, they serve a homemade soda, also a cocktails and beers. I order a Bare Root Cola, which tasted good. It is such a relief for Jakarta’s weather. It doesn’t taste like a normal cola, it has a ginger kick in it, as well as other ingredients. They explain all the ingredients in the menu, but of course I will remember all that :P.

To conclude my post about this visit, Though it not the greatest burger, I still find it okay, compared to the burger in the fast food joint. I might come back here again for a burger, but it won’t be on my top list, price wise. Meanwhile I will keep my option open for another burger place. The next one on the list is this Republic Of Burger.

See you again people!



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