Those Bygone Years – 那些年

I just finished watching this movie called ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’ it is actually an old movie. My friend recommend this movie back when I was recently arrived at Taiwan. She said this movie can help me practising my chinese, since it used a daily language, the story line not that bad either. The story itself quite a cliche if I may say, story about a group of high school friends, growing up together, living their silly young days. Pretty much your average teenage movie, but I am a sucker for that friendship themed movie. So I have to say this movie is one that I recommend to watch. I love the story about the high school life, the friendship, the laugh, and a little bit of drama. I am not a big fan of a relationship drama. So, this movie has just the perfect amount of it, which I can still tolerate. I am not a big asian movie fans, especially these days kind of movie, I prefer the old Hong Kong police movie instead. But, this movie is something I enjoy. If you were looking for something light and fun to watch I fully recommend you to watch this movie, also if you were trying to improve your chinese, this movie will help you as well. I watch this movie on youtube, but I think you can find this movie on iTunes. Well, it is your choice. Meanwhile, here I present you the soundtrack of the movie. 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (Those Bygone Years) – 胡夏


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