Recent Trip

Finally, I stepped in the land of Singapore. Yes, I never been in Singapore in my adult live before. The last time I’ve been there was when I am still a 4 years old. So, yes, I was excited to go there. But, it turns to be a little out of plan. I only able to go around the orchard, chinatown and marina bay area. I can kissed goodbye all the hawker food stall. I do still had the Ikea meatballs tho, bought a couple books at Kinokuniya, and have a taste of the famous Garrett Popcorn, which kinda disappointing for me. I prefer the ACT II microwave popcorn.

But, there are still something that worth remembered. That was the one holiday where the whole family go. I don’t recall the last time that happened. To add more, we did some reunion with my dad’s uncle, as well as their son, which means my uncle. We go to Singapore to meet an uncle. Literally. *yes, I write this just to tell this joke*

Actually, this thing was kinda fun for me, and I am sure my dad enjoy it as well. He can meet his uncle after so long, and I also get to know a relative that I didn’t know exist right until that day. They accompanied us to some places, and took us to more locally place to go. Not to mention, the face that my dad make when he talk to his uncle. It kinda priceless, since I don’t really see him interacting with his family that much. I also happen to have more chat with him, more in that three days than the last month, I think.

Well, I would love to go there again and explore it on my own. There are still a lot of places I didn’t really get to go. But, I won’t regret the last time, I still got something from it anyway.

three generations of Teo/Tio/張


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