They Call Him ‘Pak Budi’

Actually, I shared this video already, a long time ago. Since my old blog is no longer exist, I decide to once again share the video with you.

This video is about a CNN tribute to heroes 2009, before Ibu Robin Lim got the CNN Heroes in 2011, there are already one Indonesian that being the candidate for the CNN Heroes. He is Budi Soehardi, a pilot from Indonesia along with his wife Peggy, founded an orphanage in West Timor. It started when there were a conflict there, which led to a lot of victim. Mr. Budi Soehardi was actually only coordinating volunteer to give out a donation, but he eventually met with the youngest victim, the orphans. *as Kate Upton said in the video* After that, he decided to help those kids that has been an orphan, and started to build a orphanage.

I don’t know why, but I always touched easily with something fatherly figure, which make me felt super happy when I see the kids are smiling when they are with their Pak Budi and Ms. Peggy, or as they called Mama. You can see their website here.

This video is a bit old, but I am sure, kindness know no time. It can be shared anytime, anywhere. So I guess I just shared it again here.

Enjoy the speech and the video, about the loving and caring Pak Budi.



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