KOKO – Where East Meets West

Today I decided to go out for a late lunch in a new restaurant at Kelapa Gading area. I attracted to the design that resemble somewhere in New York from the outside. Yes, I am that easy to lure.

Since it was late afternoon already, there is no one there to have a meal. Which means I had the whole restaurant for me only. As soon as I walked in, the waitress greet me and suggest me to have a seat at 2nd floor, and oh my the interior is really nice. You will find a cashier table on the door while next to it is their some sort of open kitchen. Took the eclectic stairway to the more eclectic second floor. The interior makes me feel like I am in some old school New York Pub, the only thing missing is the piano stage with Billy Joel playing.


Once I was seated, they gave me the menu which only one A3 size paper front and back for the food and beverages. They serve Asian meal including a limited choice of dimsum as well as some pasta. The one that took my attention is their La Mian Burger. I’ve heard Ramen Burger in the states, and I am quite intrigued. So I order the La Mian Burger, along with a Crab Shao Mai and Vanilla Milkshake. First I was wanted to order the Pai Banana Milkshake, too bad they ran out of banana.

Not so long after I order, my milkshake comes, and no, it doesn’t bring anyone to the yard*old jokes references*. I took some times to take some picture as any Asians would do, and sip it. I find it tasteless, it tasted like a blended ice cube with a little ice cream. After some games of 2048, my Shao Mai and La Mian Burger arrived! I try the shao mai first, it tasted okay. Nothing special. After the shao mai, here comes the main menu. The La Mian Burger, I have to say I am quite disappointed with it. I find the meat is to salty, and the fried la mian to oily. In my opinion it tasted like the fancier version of hawker food Indomie Telor Kornet. And I go with the later all the time.




I have to admit, even this visit is not really satisfying, I think I might come back to try other menu, and just because they have a killer interior design.

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