Expect Nothing and Get Something

I decided to change the tagline on this blog.

Why? I don’t know either. I felt it might be a nice way to constantly reminding myself. I always have the fear to have high hopes, because I am not great with disappointment. I am always try to aim to what I think I could achieve, which kinda limiting myself. I think because of I try to expect nothing from almost everything, led me to this kinda individualistic habit. I always try to do everything myself which confused me about what am I wanted to do in the first place.

I do have to admit, sometimes it feel good to not expecting something, because when you actually got something, you will value it even more. You will be able to appreciate things, even if it is only a simple thing. Such as, finding a great meal in some new restaurant out of nowhere, or finding a breathtaking scenery just over the highway you usually crossed.

Sometimes I do expect something, but I try to expect less. I don’t want to put the expectations way up high, instead I put a reasonable standard according to how I know the moment I am expecting for.

So, it kinda be my new mantra. Expect Nothing to Get Something!


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