So, what is up guys.  How you doin’?

I have been such a mess this couple weeks. Still on the ocean of fresh grad applying for the job that will pay the food we eat, the internet we use, and the fancy thing we desire. I felt like I lost my luck in this area, I’ve been applying here and there, and still no responses.

I feel like I am lost, lost in my own mind, lost in the road to the future. I wish there is an app for it. Just type what do you want to be and it will show you the shortest route to get there. I used to have a big dream, I want to do this and that, yet right now I just wish to be able to stand with my own two feet. I have the thought to kill my dream, yet I am scared to do that. If my life is represented by old melayu songs, it will be dipersimpangan dillema.

By the way, I’ve been thinking to enroll to a new language lesson, I am considering between Spanish, Italian, Japanese, or Korean. Anybody has any recommendations? Or do you have any vacancy for a marketing communications fields? Account Executives? Event Officer? Anything?


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