My Life Without Internet

I’ve been blogwalking and find this post by Sheggario, which is a post he wrote for Telkomsel Blog Competition about a day with no internet. Which makes me think about it too. How do my life would be with no internet connection for a day.

I would be helpless. I used internet  all day long, even it for searching job vacancy, watching youtube, communicating with friends, surfing for an information, or to save more character, can be called as accessing social media. I realize that I am a digital person, I mostly live in the digital world. Which I have to realize that it makes me awkward in the real live. I tend to used my cell phone to fill the time, which I realize and try to decrease the intensity.

So, how it would be turned if there is no internet. I might read more books, and watch more TV. If there is no internet, I might just go to the mall and stay in the bookstore and record store. I would write more, since it should be less distractions, such as youtube clip or online comics.

All in all, I think I could be more productive with no internet. It might be a little slow for me to get the latest news, or sending out information. But, I still prefer to have internet connection daily, since it is really make life much more easy.



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