Charger Monologue

Charger, today this is considered as the most important things to have. If it used to be wallet and keys, after that a cell phone, right now charger is adding up that list. It can be formed in anything, from a conventional wall charger to a portable power supply, or as we know, POWER BANK.

Nowadays, people are more concern of leaving their charger at home instead of their wallet. We have some sort of thoughts that always constantly think, we have to put our phone on all the time. We scared, when we became unreachable, and with today battery power, it is simply not enough. We have to constantly check up our phone, either it is looking at Path, Twitter, or Instagram. We have this urge to keep connected. even though the thing we talked is only about what lunch did Jonah have today, or what did Jane wore today.

To accommodate all that activity we have to make sure our phone have enough power, which makes the charger one indispensable things. We could kill for a charger, we could do more if there is only a limited charging spot available.

That is, our new primary needs. Not only those food, clothe, home, but Charger has been one new thing on the list.


I felt like moving my fingers on the keyboard tonight, and the only thing in mind is the charger since it is right besides me on the table, so please bear with me. I might do this kinda random post again in the future.

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