knowledge out of respect

There is an old saying,

we should never see where the good comes, even when it comes from the shittiest place.

Well, to make it shorts, That doesn’t work for me.

I tend to sort out not give a damn about anything if I don’t respect the person. I always a believer of action not theory, that’s why I prefer to have a practitioner as a lecturer instead. As from my experiences, I tend to get more knowledge from the practitioner. As much as I believe we have to know the theory as a foundations to what we act, the actions itself is far more important. I also find a practitioner is tend to be more warmth and fun when they do some explaining. It might be because they already did it and make some magical atmosphere that make us buy what they said. Even though some of them might not telling the truth, at least we have the idea of what the ideal in our head, and it is up to us to make it real or not.

I felt the best knowledge is come when we respect the speaker. By that way we can value more about the knowledge instead just listening from a theoretical side.

Until next time.


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