Books: The Freaky Teppy

Great writing is the one that you can read over and over again.

And this book, is a great example. Been a reader since her blog is still in the blogdrives, I find a similar stories in the book. The magic is I still read it anyway. Which is quite a rare occurrence, but the way teppy able to write the stuff in such a way that makes us, the reader, felt like she is right in front of us talking with a cup of coffee and a couple snacks on the table, makes the reading experiences even better.

I can relate with some of the stories in the book, since it is a close things with most people daily lives. Not to mention I knew how ‘simple’ our Campus are and some magical lecturer they had, which makes me could relate even more. This book show us how to laugh even in the shittiest situations.

I actually regret, why I don’t ask my friend to bring it to Taipei, when I was still live there, so I can read this fun book earlier. And I felt bad to not be able to take a pic of it in Taipei, since I know how she loved to travel. Well, I just hope she can write even more and able to step in Taiwan herself and have all those scrumptious food, lining in the street of the night market!

This book is fun and I could easily recommend it to you, who looking for a book to read.

All the best from a fellow big eater!



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