What’s Up!

Yes, it has been quite a time since the last time I post here. Actually, since I have this 365 writing project, where I post everyday, I kinda confused what to post here. Actually the reason for making a new blog, instead posting it here is at first I kinda felt that I want to have one dedicated place for this project, and since I am one impulsive being, I create one new blog. which I kinda regret it now. 😛 I might sync it here later, but for now you guys can still find it here, 365daysworthwriting.

Other than that, myself and Vinny decided to create a new blog(oh no, another new blog!) where both of us write all the post in Mandarin! Ambitious, huh? It is because since we both studying Mandarin, we thought it is a nice outlet to practice it. you guys can have a look on dumplingsandbubbletea.

How’s life?

Right now I am preparing my homecoming trip. Yes, the Taiwan time is coming to an end. I will leaving Taiwan on February 17th. Which makes it around a week from now. Oh my, time does fly so fast! Right now I just recently send some of my belongings back to Indonesia, so I don’t have to bring too many things with me.  I spent this time left to having a meal with my friends, and hoping that we will meet again in the future!

That pretty much it, I see you next time!

Meanwhile, I love to listen to this song by Ahmir recently, here enjoy!


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