Kept the Dream

The night has come in Hong Kong , and here I am still sitting in the same seat in the local coffee shop. The seat for two by the window, just like the old times when we sit here together, and talk endlessly.

We talk and talk and talk and talk. we talk about anything, from the day each of us been through, an upset old lady in social media, some silly idea that come to our mind, and my favorite topic, dream. Once we talk about it we would talk like there is no tomorrow, while we sip from our cup occasionally.

Still have the same drink, a warm latte, vanilla latte with two pump of syrup to be exact. I remember how you always specifically asked the brewer how to do yours. You had me with that, and I still stay an addict until this day.

Even now, when we have our own life, I still keep coming to this place, ordering the same drink, thinking about some dream that we talk about. Just until I realize you are gone chasing your dream and I am still stuck right here thinking what I want to do. Until I heard one particular song played from the coffee shop speaker.  The song that you loved and have quoted the lyrics so many times. To keep the dreams alive.

At the moment that I felt like to give up, you always there and ask ‘hey, tell me what is your dream tonight?’ and when I just start to speak, you stop me and give me a paper, then said “write it.” Just like that favorite Chinese song’s lyric that you gave me “寫信告訴我今夜,你想要夢什麼?”

To be honest I stopped doing it after you left, but when the song played on the speaker I suddenly felt the rush to grab my notebook and start writing what am I wishing again. As the song played, I kept writing. When it ended, it just about the time I finished writing my dreams.

I closed the notebook I wrote in, and stand up, take my glass over the recycling shelf, and left the coffee shop. Meanwhile on the table, I left a piece of tissue that said. “Don’t give up on your dreams.” and hope it will help the person kept their dream, just like what you did to me.


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