Getting Better – 慢慢進步



不知不覺,我住在台灣學中文快要一年了,從什麼都不會,到現在算是還好.我自己覺得,我的中文越來越好,為什麼呢?因為有時候在頭腦裡我用中文想一想.本來有什麼事我平常用英文,現在慢慢變成用中文的.所以在頭腦裡我用了3個語言,就是英文,中文,還有印尼話.我知道還有很多東西需要發達,可是那個事情是一個證明我的中文變成不錯. 從現在起希望我可以用中文寫部落格,所以我別被忘記了.雖然有時候我還糊塗把中文語法變成英文的,可是希望大家會了解我的意思.然後我也變成比較進步.


Hello Everybody!

I will use Chinese to write this post, for practicing my Chinese.

As time flies, it’s almost a year that I lived in Taiwan to learning Chinese, start from nothing to a okay level of Chinese. Me myself thought that my Chinese is getting better. Why? Because, I started to think in Chinese. Before I was using English in my thought, and now it started to change, I used Chinese sometimes, so there are 3 language in my brain, English, Chinese, Indonesian. I know there is a lot of stuff that I have to learn to improving, but that is one of the prove that my Chinese is getting better. From now on, I think I will try to write this blog in Chinese, so I won’t forgetting Chinese. Even though sometimes I still mixed up between English and Chinese grammar, I hope you guys able to understand what am I saying.  Then, my Chinese can get better,

See You!


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