Hello 2014

Hello everybody, what’s hot now?

My apologize to left this blog unattended for so long.

How’s your new year going? Mine, is so far so good. I started to start another blog that I will post daily to memorized what thing that I encountered, that I find amusing, mesmerizing, and any other fancy -ing that exist. Please come visit it on 365daysworthwriting.

Since the year is still in the early days I want to share some of my resolutions. To be honest I have nothing specific for this year unless to be a better and mature person. i don’t count losing weight as a resolutions, because it is always recurring every year that it lost its mojo already. 😛

Right now I am trying to avoid any carbs on my diner menu. Pray for me I can survive this.

I started to put my hand on a fancier camera this year, I am thinking of making it serious and will look up for some online classes about photography and stuff. I also want to improve my English skill as well as my Chinese skill. It still a load to be studying to. Hope to get improve my grammar, and planning in getting a TOEFL test for the sake of applying a scholarship. I will also train my writing skills. One of it to try to write more consistently.

Well, that is pretty much what is in my mind now, I hope you guys had a great time switching years and will survive another great year ahead!



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