… is not a subject I mastered, nor capable of. In fact, it was one of my lowest grade in High School.

But, what I want to write here is not the chemistry in the classroom, the one with all the mixture and stuff. Not the ‘Science Chemistry’ but more to the ‘Social Chemistry’. I avoid the science one because I find it is really hard to know what mixture can be mixed togeteher and create a good result, and now I realize, that the social chemistry is even more complicated. There is no exact formula to create something, because the material of it is a human being, that even though have a concrete build, still has abstract thought that hard to guess.

I find this even harder because, in science if one material is not work well with other material we can just try it with another. In social chemistry, if someone is not working well with the others, yeah of course we can just go away and find other people. The problem is in social the material is a human being, which mean unless he/she is a cold blooded person, then they will have feelings.

In the science one, we can discover the failure by doing some damage. After the damage, we learnt that some materials are not mean to be together. While in the social, yes we also discover failure and stuff, and we also learnt after it. The problem is in the social one we tend  to be more careful in the future, because the damage they caused might be more psychological, and it is not an easy job to fix that.

Of course there are not always a big damage on a try, because we are human being we have some sort of ‘social intuition’ that can send us some signals if something doesn’t get along well. What we have to learn is to catch the signal and realize that sometimes it doesn’t meant to be together. You will find something or someone that just doesn’t have the same ‘click’ as you, and we have to live with it.

It is not your or their mistake.

Just realize that it is not a crime if you are not have a same ‘click’ with others.


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