Self Understanding

It is almost 2 AM here in Taipei, and I am typing this blog, right after I rearrange my desk. Actually, I have the idea of cleaning the room from yesterday morning. I am thinking about getting some makeshift stand to rearrange my things, which led me to IKEA. I look for a while and nothing suit my preference, budget-speaking. So I ended up eating those famous meatballs instead. Going home from IKEA, I decided to play some NBA 2K14, and going to some bookstore afterwards.

After that I decided to just chill and read a book that has been on my belonging for too long with no progress. During my reading activity, I kinda bugged seeing my table being quite a mess. Well, I left that mess for quite a time. I think I saw my table clear was when my mom come and visit me, and it was like almost 3 months. Well, I know I am kinda an impulsive person. Let’s say in buying things, doing stuff, or else. I can just made a decision just with a snap. In which led me to thinking this,

I consider myself as a detail oriented, which means, I like my activity to be well prepared. Yet I am such an impulsive personality.

and it led to another thought. Well, there is only a handful of information people can know about themself, if he doesn’t do the effort to understanding himself. Some might think I am a weirdo for not understanding myself, but it is no joke. It is not an easy tasks. You can live for like half a century, and yet you still don’t know what you really want. You just live it like the other live it. While I am still in a relatively young age, 23. Well, some are know what they want to do, and I am happy for them.

Sometimes I do envy people my age. Friends that used to be at the same level, now they already headed to the next step, while I felt like I left far behind them. Well, I speak about this to my friend and he scold me afterwards. I just felt like this recent years has been quite a downtime compared to my previous years. But, hey I am now trying to do something to catching up to my friends, I started to move my lazy butt and do something to be able to really understand myself.

How about you? You know what do you want to do yet?


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