When I’m Gone

I just recently watch the music video of Pitch Perfect’s Soundtrack by Anna Kendrick, the ‘Cup Song (When I’m Gone)’ quite a catchy song eh..  Loving the concept and the setting of the video also. Yeah, I’m a sucker for some food related thingy. One thing for sure. i would love to have a restaurant like that. with a middle bar, a soft drink machine by the back, maybe put a jukebox playing some goldies songs.

Aside from the music video, what comes in mind is, what will people will miss from me when I am gone. Did I do something pretty memorable that people will remember me, or simply that they miss me just because they felt it is getting spacier in the seat, without me sitting on it. Do I did enough already that people will recognize me aside from the physical appearances?

Let’s think about it.

Meanwhile, let’s hear the song together.


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