K.G.B. Burger

I was craving for something good, and what’s better than a great meal.

I decided to come back to a burger place near my place, called KGB. I have no idea what it stands for, but I know they have some pretty dope burger!

They used New Zealand Beef, which a friend of mine very proud of, and yeah, they taste good. KGB is a small shop on some little alley in ShiDa (師大) Area, close to the Burger King (or in Chinese, 漢堡王). I quite like the store, some small american-y diner thingy, with a dimmed light and some nice playlist.

I came at Friday Night, which mean it will be a busy hour. Lucky me, when I came I don’t have to wait for a chair. Even though the place was packed, but my burger doesn’t take that long to come out. They have quite a variant of burger. They have some original, or some fusion flavor. The meal come with a side of fries (chips as the New Zealand say) or salad, as per your request. They also have two option fro the meat, either lamb or beef as well as the size. 200 or 120(or 150 I forgot).

Today I pick a Swiss Cheese and Bacon Burger, with sides of Cheese and Bacon Fries. Well, I need some comfort, and what’s more comforting than a bacon and cheese, right? I also order a Peppermint Milkshake. The milkshake is nicely done. It has a nice thick-ish consistency and come with cherry on top(I don’t know why, but every time I eat a cherry I felt like drinking a cough syrup), the taste is so refreshing, I can really feel the mint is having a party on my throat.

Photo 2013-10-11 20 01 48

The burger, I would say it is a nice burger. The meat was nicely cooked. Still juicy but not make the bread soggy, added with some usual lettuce, tomato, onion, also the cheese and bacon. Quite disappointed because the spices is not really kicking, and being overwhelmed by the onion, which leave quite a strong aftertaste. While the fries was just fine. It have quite a texture, but not too crunchy that it turns into a crackers. Comes with melted cheese and bacon pieces.

Photo 2013-10-11 20 16 54

Photo 2013-10-11 20 20 57

It was nice. Well, it comes with a price though. The beverages cost around NTD 80 – 150ish, while the burger ranged between NTD 200 – up.

All I can say, KGB is still one of my go to place for a nice meal. After dinner I felt so happy, and I don’t remember when was the last time I am smiling after a meal.

Photo 2013-10-11 20 17 00 (HDR)

Photo 2013-10-11 20 20 52 (HDR)


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