Egg Flour Roll (蛋餅)

蛋餅 – Dan Bing (read: dan-ping), or Egg Flour Roll

a common Taiwanese breakfast.

Most of the time Taiwanese grab something quick to eat in the morning, mostly are sandwiches or a homemade burger from some small shop on the street. Sometimes they also have this,


a meal in the morning, it is basically a flour sheet, wrapping egg and any topping you like. It can be a pork slice, chicken, beef, tuna, cheese. You name it they put it. Served with some sweet savory sauce on top. Which kinda make the texture a little bit moist. I usually had this in the morning, if I don’t wake up late. I usually have it in the small store near my school, I love the place because they served the sauce on the side of the plate instead of just pour it on the 蛋餅. I love the texture of the crunchy skin, that taste like a slightly thicker version of a crepe, and dip it myself into the sweet savory sauce. It cost around NTD30 – NTD50 for a portion.

of course it is not a complete meal without any companion, so I usually have some milk tea (奶茶-nai cha), to drink. I don’t know what kind of milk they use, but it smells super good! It is not any ordinary milk tea from any franchise shop out here, it is pretty much the authentic homey-like milk tea. It cost around NTD25 – NTD45 for a cup.


If you come to Taiwan, I recommend you to have a taste of this 蛋餅. You can find it anywhere on the sidewalk, during breakfast hour.

If you are in Indonesia you can try one in that Taiwanese snack stall, Shihlin, They have this menu I think. But I don’t think it tasted as good as the one we have here.






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