Wrecking Ball!

Miley has been a sensation!

Start from the VMA video to the Wrecking Ball Video!

I used to watch a couple episode of Hannah Montana, when she was still that cute little disney princess. Then, she launch that Party in The USA, and she kinda lost after that, up until her new album and the We Can’t Stop album.

Speaking of her music, I like her music now. although her image is kinda intriguing right now.

I am not gonna talk about her music, I am no expert of music, other than a listener.


I am interested in the changing of the image she did. I mean, she already well known for her act as Hannah Montana, first, I think her name is Hannah. During that period she is kinda like the princess (I think) in her Hannah empire. When she grew up I think she wanna change her image to something more adult-y in the Party in the USA. But I think people still remember her as the Hannah that grew up. After that I think she’s trying to make her image more mature in the we can’t be tamed, yet I don’t think it successful. So after a handful of attempt, she finally try to change her image completely in her new album. i don’t know if she hire a publicist or not, but I think they are really successful in changing her image completely. Starting from the We can’t stop video, performance on the VMA, and her Wrecking Ball video.

Well, this is my own opinion, but I do think that she is change her image successfully. I think the wrecking ball is picturing her, breaking all the image that she’s build during her disney period, into something that completely different. Maybe she is bored with her nice girl image, or simply she want all the attention again after all this time, like she used to get in her disney moment. We also don’t know if she gonna keep this image or will change again in the future. After all in the entertainment world changing one image is not a rare occasion doesn’t it, and even some of the stars have they ‘Alay’ moment in their career.

Well, all I want to say is I think the wrecking ball is kinda like Miley way to change her image completely, and one of her growing stage. I love her music better now actually.


*Blele’an kayak Miley



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