The Hype with The Blackberry Messenger

BBM is on iOS and Android! – it has been pulled when I write this though.
I don’t know about other countries, but Indonesia is one of the most enthusiastic about it. It’s fun to see people who have both devices, (BB and iOS/android devices) trying so hard to get the app for their non-BB devices.
Me myself, I’m quite happy with this update. It means I can reconnected with my friends that still use Blackberry and doesn’t have whatsapp or line installed. Since I’m not using blackberry here in Taiwan because they charge it high in here. Even we can kinda trick the operator to activate it here, but I don’t feel doing it. Because I have to buy new sim card, and I don’t really needed it either
What’s more funny is I have one friend that pay for a BB services, and he persistently trying to install the BBM for the non BB devices. I mean, come on your bb is on. You don’t need it that bad.
Some people create a new BB id apparently, which I find it redundant. Since if you use both devices doesn’t it means you have other app? Do you really need another one? Me myself is juggling between whatsapp and line, occasionally using viber to contacting people in Indonesia. But I think they still prefer to use the BBM because it is more familiar to them, by that reason I am quite excited when RIM announced this news.
But is this BBm is the most fascinating services from RIM? I don’t think so, for me when speaking of blackberry, we are talking about a business devices. A super fast push email, the chatting feature is just a cherry on top.
The question is will I keep my blackberry with me after this BBM announcement? I would say yes. I think I’m not gonna stop using this blackberry until it’s finally broken.
I do still keep my blackberry with me, I write this post with it actually. Call me old school, but I have this comfortable feeling typing with a physical keyboard, and it makes me type faster and more accurate.
After all don’t we prefer to actually touch it compared to visually pressed it?


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