Taipei Metro

*I started the draft around middle of the 2013, and I am posting it today as I just finishing it today.

Or known as MRT. Since I’m living in Taiwan, it’s obvious that I don’t have personal vehicle. That means that I have to take the Public Transportation.

Actually I already excited about it since before I came. Taipei offer a lot of public transportation, such Bus, Taxi, or Bicycle. Yes, you read it right, BICYCLE! I will tell about it later. As I said, I excited even before arriving here, to think that I will able to take a MRT(Jie Yun as they said here) commuting from one stop to another.

Why am I excited?

Because I can use the transportations just like what I saw in a movie!! (Yea I know its kinda Shallow, but I can’t help it. LOL)
After actually ride in a MRT Train, I think that it is really convenient!

First to ride a public transport you can pay with money as usual, or use an EasyCard. You can find all the information on the station. They have this huge maps of their directions, they also have the counter if you have any problem. In the station they show the information, not only where the train heading to and the stations before it. You can also see the duration of the arrival schedule while waiting in line.

The train itself is really clean, with a REAL dedicated seat for elderly, pregnant, or disabled. People really get up to give her seat to elderly, and as far as I see, it is so rare to see the priority seat occupied unless with the dedicated person. The ride itself is quite nice for my opinion, but according to my friend, it is still a little bit bumpy.

The stations itself just like any other transportation station, it has it rush hour and idle hour. One thing that I realize here is on the escalator, people really stand on the right side of it, instead spreading around. Coming from a country that hardly work a line, I felt amaze.

Another thing, we are prohibited to consume anything inside the MRT and in certain area of the stations, you can get fined for violating. Which make me having kinda a love hate situations(LOL). By no consuming I mean, NO CONSUMING. Not even a sip of water nor a chewing gum.

All in all I love using the MRT, and couldn’t wait until Jakarta has it’s own MRT.

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