Say it nice, say it right!

I was once a communications students. Majoring in Marketing on The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta.
Why I decide to take communications major?
Well, I wasn’t give it so much thought at the moment. I’m just thinking that I don’t want to work on a 9-5 job, and I would love to work as a radio announcer.
That’s all.
But just like any other teenager, i change my mind as much as Dwight Howard changing teams, and I don’t really give it much thought on being a radio announcer.
But on this post, I don’t want to talk about that, I want to tell you what I’ve got on the 4 years of educations.
During my 4 years just like any other college student, it has a lot of story. Let it be from the lecturer or the classmates.
I would say I’m pretty lucky to have such a badass class, with awesome lecturers. All of them are the best on their fields, but only some of them are a great communicator.
My first impressions was from my intro to marketing lecturer, Mrs. Miranda Sagala. I think she has it all, she has the brain, the beauty, and the way she communicate with her students. As well as Mrs Yunita on intro to PR class, she can make the classroom listen to her by respect, not fear.
In the next semester, there is the one and only Mr. Imanuel Hutagalung or the truemarketer as he address himself. He use another level of engaging students. Not only by verbal communications, but also by non verbal, by the way he socialize with his students, as well as engaging them thru social media.
I can say, he make me change my mind from mass communication into marketing, because he introduce another face of marketing. Because of that also I can have such an amazing lecturer on my following years.
On the next semester I would say I got the best Public Speaking Lecturer ever on Mrs. Rini Sanyoto, She teach Communications Persuasion on our class, and I would say she has it all. The skills, the persona, the charisma. She opened my eyes as well as any other students on how to speak, when is the time to use a certain tones, and one thing I always remember is, being assertive. Even though it is hard in the practice, I always keep it in mind.
Then, I met Mr. Tommi Parnando, he teach us on project management, and customer service professionals. I would say the way he engage his student was very warm, very honest, and very sincere. I’m sure other lecturer are also sincere, but I kinda felt it different from him. He use it in his class and me with all my classmates was just blown by he way he give the lecture. Telling us all his experiences and all.
I also loved to give a personal touch, to show people we communicating with, that we really give attention to them. I learned it from Mrs Elke Alexandrina, she tell us the story of her father, who is a doctor when he handling his patient.
Other than them, there are still a lot of great lecturer, with such an amazing experiences on their fields of expertise. But as I said, I don’t really get with the way they communicate with students.
I would say from that experiences it kinda create how I communicate now. Not to say to speak on the public, even I still struggling with such a limited vocabulary in Chinese, I always remember my good old days on that mini campus of ours on the corner of Sudirman, from a little packed classroom above the parking lot to the look-like-a-bar signage campus on the Sudirman Park. It creates a basic SOP when I preparing my presentations now. I watch what will I say, how do I will act and presenting it. Looking up for a nice rhyming words when make sure the grammar is correct.

All I can say is, it isn’t easy to be a decent public speaker. Thanks for opening my eyes with all the experiences.


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