Keep on Walking

‘Yang diperlukan hanyalah sepasang kaki yang akan terus melangkah’ – 5CM, Donny Dirganthoro

It is a line that I’ve read on one of my favorite books, 5CM. Here at Taipei, I felt that. I need the foot that will keep on walking.
Because it is my opportunity to see the world! Living abroad, in the new place, new culture, with a different language!
With that condition, that feet is exactly what I need. With a new environment, there are a lot of excitement waiting on every corner of the street. We don’t need so much money on doing it. Just hop on the MRT and voila, your adventure begin.
One of the thing I love to do here is to ride a MRT and get off on some weird station, and find something new. It don’t have to be expensive. For me, I am happy already just walking and sightseeing. As the matter of fact, i am writing this while I’m wandering in a MRT.
As a Jakartans, I am happy to be able to walk and sit on a park. Which is a rare opportunity in Jakarta. So, while I’m here I love to do it.
Another thing on my list is, go visit the IKEA, I don’t know why, but walking and seeing all the furniture is fun for me. Well, who doesn’t love IKEA?
Do I afraid to get lost?
Well, yes I am, but I a little bit relax, since the technology is good, and there are plenty of app on your smartphone to help. Beside that, I’m quite lucky here in Taiwan, they have the sign on PinYin and English, aside from the Chinese Character.
So, I find it fun to walk and explore!
Go and Get Lost!






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