Why Chinese is Interesting

It’s 5 months already since I’ve been in Taipei for learning Chinese, and it still kinda surreal for me. I have no idea that I will living by myself here, in Taipei, learning Chinese! But yeah, life happens, and here I am, living in Taipei learning the so-called future international language.
From my experiences learning Chinese has been very interesting, it is a completely different experiences from what I’ve been before. Well, I used to be alone before. Taking a different college from my friends, after getting used to the new friends for a year, I decided to take a different major from all of them. So yeah, I get used to jump in a new community.
The problem is, all of the previous experiences are in Indonesia. Now I am here in Taiwan, with a completely different language. My experiences learning Chinese was on my high school, which not my forte at that time. My grades was quite average, tend to lower class of the grades. My experiences talking Chinese is none(unless singing Aaron Kwok and Jacky Cheung Songs considered as speaking Chinese). So, this is new adventure for me.
At first day I arrived I just able to say Xie Xie(謝謝). So yeah, I was very depended to all my friends, and Pleco(great apps!).
How is it like to studying Chinese?
It is Hard. I found it quite hard to learn new words, especially learning how to write and read. Because they have a different characters, and it’s kinda like drawing when you writing. Not to say, sometimes they have the same character with different meanings, such as, ‘覺’ this one fella here, can be read as ‘Jue’ or ‘Jiao’. Same pronunciations can also have to meanings like ‘de’ can be written as ‘的’ ‘得’ ‘地’. not to say some characters have different meaning when used with another character.
That’s just about Vocabulary.
In Chinese language they have tones! 4 tones to be exact. and different tones can make a word have different meaning. if we say Shui Jiao, it means sleep, with another tones, it can also means dumplings.
Interesting, huh?
Now let’s talk about Grammar.
I don’t have a good grammar on English nor Indonesian. Now I have to add more grammar to my limited brain. Well, it kinda surprised me the grammar in Chinese sometimes not really hard for me. Maybe it because I used to hear my dad speaking with some sort of Chinese grammar, even when he used Indonesian. But some of my classmates that use english as their mother language, and not come from Asian background, have some difficulties understanding Chinese grammar.
Well, even it is looked a little bit troublesome. you yi dian ma fan(有一點麻煩)-as the Chinese said. I find learning Chinese is very interesting. Not to say they also have quite an interesting culture and history.
My advice to those who want to learn Chinese.
GO FOR IT! it is interesting and fun.

See you on another post!


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