Get Inspired!

I love to read other people success story, or read some company history.
It makes me inspired. Especially, the one that tell it in quite a warm story. The one that can make us say,
It started back in my college days, when I religiously listened to Career Coach at Hard Rock FM by Rene Suhardono. It was the first time I hear about passion and it kinda shaping my mind into it. I start thinking what I love to do, what I good at, and kinda make the connections on where it went.
Now, with the power of internet, I googled more and more. Then, I kinda stumble to a couple of websites that show the hearts of the owner. One is Edward Suhadi, an Indonesian photographer that shoots weddings, and occasionally write on his blog. Then, Felexandro Ruby, the owner of Wanderbites, he is a food photographer and he writes about food with a super luscious photo that he shared*quoting his blog*. Another one is Scott Schuman, also known as The Satorialist. Then, we have WongFu Productions, they start as a video maker even before youtube exist, and now they work with amazing people.
That were some people from many that inspire me. I might not know them in person, but from the work they put, I can see how much they loved to do it. I can just imagining, they were smiling while they doing it.
Then, what do I do now? is being inspired is enough?
Of Course it does not!
What will you do with the inspirations is what it counts. I used to have the inspirations and let it go away, just beacuse I kinda have some reasons, and some fear if it is not working. So I was just killed my idea even before they were born. But now, I try to stop doing it. Even when I am staying in Taiwan, with a lot of limitation (student visa, language, etc), I try to work my idea. One is updating this blog, more often. another is start to thinking what will I do when I coming back to Indonesia. Right now, I have some idea and started to pour it down into a plan. hopefully, everything goes smoothly and I can achieve it, so I don’t have to work forever, I just play around with my favorite things, put smiles on everyone that enjoy my works, and can afford a nice live with the outcome.

So, let’s get inspired!


One thought on “Get Inspired!

  1. Way to go, man! Keep writing 😉 Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. That’s always been my mantra.

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