The Reason to Learn Other Language

Aside from all the communications, business thing, I found another reason to actually start learning another language.

As we know, every country have their folk lore, some famous one get translated, but many are not. Sometimes the translated one is not have the emotion of the real one. It might be good, but the real one is surely better. Although it is better to understand it just like the original right.

Actually I have one song in particular that I knew for a long time, but I have no idea what it is means. Until now, after I study Chinese, I started to understand it a bit. Not perfect, but I have a better understanding than before. Some of you might know this song, it is called, Jiu Gan Tang Mai Wu (酒矸倘賣無), translated as “Is There a Beer Bottle for Sale?”.

I used to laughing when I heard this song somewhere, because what’s in my mind was “hey, this old song from my parents generations.” same as a lot of my friends, then we started laugh. i still used to do that up until yesterday, when i accidentally saw an old movie on youtube that told the story of the song.

A quick spoiler, the story about a mute person that collecting beer bottle for a living, until she found a baby girl on the street that change his life. When the girl grown up, she became a famous singer but still innocent and easily manipulated by the manager. Up until one point, when she just land back from a concert abroad, she’s planned to see her father, but the manager make her not. Then, when she’s in her concert, her father got a heart attack, she rushed into the hospital, but it is too late. Her father has passed. Then, as a tribute to her father, she sang the song.

The lyrics also very touchy, telling a story when her still a baby girl, until now she became a famous singer.

So, I think It by learning other language, we can see a lot more story from another language.

By the way, this is the video. Enjoy!


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