Why Photographing Food?

I have this hipster things that I do before I eat.

Yes,  just like any other Asian I love to taking pictures of my food.

It all started when I found this blog, and it was so cool. So I think why I don’t take mine as well. I love food, and I love sharing it with other people. At first I was just taking it with my cellphone, well until now I still do it. But if I have planned to go eat something good, I usually bring my digital camera with me, to take some pictures. It got stronger when I work at Goorme, and I have to make a list of food blogger to invite, and I saw this luscious blog, Mr. Ruby there able to capture the food with all the magic. Personally, I love to see the blog and hate it at the same time. Love it because he got a great picture, and tell an amazing story with it. Hate it because it makes me just want to eat more and more and more.

Well, it actually make me want to learn more about photography, food photography is one of the top list.


Because I believe food are able to make peace. Because why we have to fight when we have a happy belly. How to get a happy belly, by eat good. How to know there’s a good food? One of it, by seeing it online. So, one of the reason I take food is to share with others. other reason is, I love capturing a great object and put it  into an eternal memory. So I can scroll back to the past and see what happiness I had before. Maybe there are not a lot of food stuff posted here, it because I usually forget to upload it. 😛

Hopefully I can share more food picture and story here with you. Especially when I am here in Taiwan. Sure there should be more interesting story about it.

Here you can see the magical works of Mr. Felexandro Ruby on his blog, Wanderbites!

I also would like to show you a video of one of my favorite food photographer. David Loftus.


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