Tasted it first, please

How many of us that act like a chef when our meal arrived at the table?

at the moment the food placed in the table, our hands is moving fast like a masterchef putting all the condiments.

Is it wrong to adjust the food we ordered to be just what we liked?

Nope, it’s fine.


Yes, there I am shouting. Believe me, you won’t hear me shout out of anger so often.

But, they placed the condiments on the table, isn’t that mean that we can add it on?


It’s true that they placed the salt, pepper, soy sauce, etc on the table. But that doesn’t mean that we can just disrespect the chef by adding it right after the food arrives.

Yes. I think that immediately adding the condiment is a sign of disrespect to the cook. It kinda shows that the cook isn’t good so we have to spice it up by ourselves.


I am not saying we are not allowed to do that, but I was kindly ask you to do it after taste the original taste first, if it is already great, why we have to put more things. Using too much spices will kill the flavor anyway.

Well, there is certain condition where you can just put the condiments right after the food comes. Like if you are a regular on the restaurant and familiar with the taste. In that condition I also do the same thing, because I used to taste the food, and I know what will make it even better for my palate.

I used to do the ‘masterchef’ thingy, but until I saw a tweet from @pakbondan about it, and try to cook by myself. I became more appreciating the work that the cook has done for us. Believe me, a good cook will always work their ass off to satisfy the belly of their customer.

So, Let’s taste before we add.





2 thoughts on “Tasted it first, please

  1. I agree 100% with you Chef William I do the same and for me been in a table with good food good friends is one of the best pleasures in the life !!!!!

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