The Stool

Somewhere, far away there is placed one stool, this single stool is free for anyone who want to use it. People often come here to sit and just talk endlessly. They can talk about anything, from happy things, sad things, annoyance, bored.
The stool also used for people just to sit and doing nothing, they will sit there in silence, staring into nothing, and have the conversation within. This particular stool has helped a lot of people. Not only the one that want to share their happiness, but also the one that felt sad and uneasy.
Even though there is no rules about the stool but, there is like some unwritten rule that make people will not go near the stool if there is somebody using it. The people that lived around it respect those who came and use the stool. They also never judged the people that used the stool. They just treat them with warmth and friendliness that even more than the one you can feel at home.
No one ever know who is the person that placed the stool over there, nor when it happens. What they know is the stool is there, ready to help them and share with them.
The atmosphere surrounding the stool is also magical. You can not feel any negativity around it, just an overwhelming positivity coming from the air around the stool. Even a lot of people come with a sad feeling, they will leave the stool with at least a slight smile on their face. Maybe with this kind of atmosphere it makes this stool is never get stolen. People coming there with bad intentions just affected by the positivity.
There is one problem with this stool. It is not an easy task to reach it. No one ever succeeded on their first try, and only a certain amount of people that able to reach it on the second try. Even it quite hard to reach it for the first time, the journey for the second time will not be that hard for them.
Based on the experiences, most people try to make the stool of their own. Some of them able to make a similar one, but not a few that only able to make the knock off version of it and broke eventually. But the one that able to make the stool just like the original one, last for a long time, with the same conditions as the original one.

and the cycle continued…


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