Shower time

We all seen the scene from the movie when the stars on the shower. They look so elegantly showering, standing still let the water wash all their body, rubbing their head, and stuff.

As a helpless human being that live is surrounding with movies. It get into my brain, and make me kinda do that when I take a shower.

Did it succeed?

Well, of course…


I would like to stay still, rubbing my head, and thinking about live during the shower. But apparently my body doesn’t let me did that. With this size of body, there is no way just standing still and turn around once in a while to get all the body washed. I have to take the shower head around, or moving my body around like a seal dancing so the water distributed evenly.


I think I have to say good bye to that fancy looking shower time for now.

At least until I have a body that looks like Clooney or Downey Jr(which maybe will happen in 1 years indefinite time).



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