Heartwarming sightseeing

By living in Taipei, I ended up walking. A lot. Since I have no vehicle, so I have to take public transport, but I prefer walking.(if the weather not really hot)

By walking here, I see a lot of heart warming moment. Like in the breezy afternoon, at the park I can see two lovey dovey walking hand in hand. Nope there are not the teenager lovey dovey. There are the elder couple that have been together for more than my age. It’s cute to see them walking hand in hand like they both scared to fell.

In the sunny morning, while I walk to school, I see some first generation walking around with their third generation. Sometimes they hold them tight in their hands, or they pick them up in their back. Walking around, talking and joking with each other.

It could be just an ordinary thing for them, but for me I think it’s cute. It’s warm. It’s Family.


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