On Being Funny

I’ve been watching some youtube. Well, okay not some, but a lot of youtube. I watch a lot, from skit, vlog, shorts(what’s is the difference between skit and shorts?), music, anything that youtube has to offer. I just kinda stuck on this imaginary life on youtube.
I started by watching WongFu Productions, and it goes to NigaHiga, KevJumba, JustKiddingFilms, David Choi, and a lot more. This couple days I’ve been watching DavidSoComedy, and I love his wittiness, and his view on things, more than that, he packed it with a great presentation. He can speak his mind well. He using comedy to kinda commenting on social events. He speak his mind up in a great comedic way.
Some people might think it is easy to being funny.
Well, You don’t people!
It took quite a research to give a great comedy! Which I think David So is delivering it magnificently. He just don’t go blabbering about some nonsense, but he took a social issues and give his opinion in a great way, great COMEDIC way.
He is reminding me to the old Raditya Dika, when his writing was still sharp and funny. I was really enjoying his blog.
Did he isn’t funny anymore now?
He still funny, and I still enjoying his wittiness, but I think the frequency is getting lesser, I miss to read his blog and finding a funny witty comment on some event. But I think I can put it aside since I think he is trying with a couple of guys to put a great comedy era in Indonesia with his Stand Up Indonesia.
From there I could get a lot of great comic, that I didn’t even know before. Let’s say Ernest Prakasa (or Prakarsa, sorry if I wrote it wrong.) He is funny as hell man, using a lot of social event or personal experiences to crack people up. You have to do some research for it. There’s no way you just go on stage said ‘Hey, look that guy with squinty eyes, he must not able to see anything!’ And hope people will laugh. Dude, that’s not a comedy, that’s a bully. It took more than that to be funny. You have to do your work.
Well, maybe there are people that enjoy a slapstick comedy, but I, myself enjoy a smart comedy, that’s why I try to find more of it. Like a standup, I do enjoy watching ‘Whose Line It Is Anyway’, or ‘Opera Van Java’ sometimes.
What I’m trying to say is, it is not easy to make comedy, you have to put a lot of work to it. You can’t be just sit around and hope you funny enough. It’s even greater if your comedy could motivate more people!
To all comedian, comics, or whoever you are that try to make people laugh, I salute you!


The one that love laughing! 😀

Here’s one of David So’s Vlog on youtube.


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