the tongue would speak.

Hey Guys, it’s been 2 months and I haven’t post any Taiwan Food here.

Well, I have to admit, it is hard for me to explore food because of the language. Hopefully, I’m getting better and will be able to try more and more food around. But for this time, I think I’m gonna share a little bit in general about what I ate here.

Well, for breakfast I usually get a sandwich, rice ball, or just simply a bread from the nearest 7-11. Well, actually there are a lot in breakfast time, but I always woke up late. so I just go with anything fast and convenient, sometimes I get an Egg Tart from a mini market in my school. The sandwich is quite standard, just a little bit ham, cheese, and lettuce, but they have a sandwich with pork sausage here. Never found it at Indonesia. While the rice ball I usually buy is located on my way to school, and  just opened from around 7.00 until 13.30 They have a plenty of variant but I just ordered one with shredded pork again, because I couldn’t read their menu. 😀 they rice ball can be added with an additional egg, also with your taste of spiciness. It cost me around 30-40 NTD for a breakfast.

While for a course just something ordinary, like a fried rice, rice topped with meat, or noodles. Actually, they are taste just fine. But since I used to a very strong spices, I felt the food is quiet bland. There are some places that taste good though, but nothing more that make me crave for them so bad. It cost me around 70-150 NTD for a meal here.(or more if you go to a fancy restaurant)

Snack, this is important, because I just can’t easily stop snacking. there is a lot of fried platter here around the night market, they sell from a bun, chicken breast, chicken chunks, mushroom, etc. We can picked what we want, and they will fry it. It cost around 20-50 NTD for one type of food.

In general Taiwan food is quite fine. The fried platter is good. One problem for me, the food is not really spicy here, tend to taste sweet. But other than that, Taiwan, or Shi Da(where I live), have quite a good food.

Wait for more post about Taiwan guys!



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